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Our Mission Statement

  1. To maintain a database in order to foster networking opportunities for current and future alumni;
  2. To promote and support student clubs, sports programs, theater and arts, and other programs SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (SHSAA) deems important to the healthy development of students at Skyline;
  3. To prepare new alumni for life after high school; provide guidance to class reunion group formations;
  4. To raise funds to allow our financial support of our Mission Statement goals;
  5. To bring diverse people together, to promote both technical and social interactions;
  6. To hold regular quarterly meetings to provide a forum for the interaction between members;
  7. To supply an online mailing list to keep members informed about Association events and other pertinent information;
  8. To run all Association business in accordance with the principles of democracy, with an elected Executive Committee guiding the decision-making process, with protocols established in the Association’s Articles of Organization; and,
  9. To hold all members accountable to a general code of ethics and behavior.

Skyline High School Alumni Association (SHSAA)
PO Box 2775, Oakland, California 94619-2425

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